Spray Booth and Paint Booth Air Makeup and Air Replacement

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Cost Effective Solutions for Your Paint Booth Air Makeup and Air Replacement Requirements

Standard Equipment:
Horizontal Roof Mount 25,000 VFM
Horizontal Industrial Air Makeup Units for Building Air Replacement
Vertical with Stand 25,000 VFM
VerticalIndustrial Air Makeup Units for Building Air Replacement

Variable Airflow Control System:

    Variable airflow control systems give you precise control over the air flow when you are painting, flashing, and curing. This allows you to adjust for different types of paint ( solvent based, water based ), different sized pieces of work ( Go-Cart - SUV ), and different outside air conditions ( -10 Degrees and 5% humidity -  +95 Degrees and 75% humidity ). Different tasks and different conditions require different airflow for optimum efficiency and quality. These systems are also used on our building air pressure balancing systems.

    We offer the ability to flash and cure at 100% airflow and high temperatures. We can provide 100% airflow and a 125 Degree temperature rise over the outside air temperature. If it is 20 Degrees outside our system can provide 100% airflow at 145 Degrees. Most systems in the industry can only provide these temperature rises at 50% airflow. Proper total control over air flow and temperature are necessary to deal with the different chemistries of different paints and to deal with changes in ambient air conditions in your area.

    This system allows you to control how much air is used by the spray booth heater unit allowing you to control operational costs as well. System includes Variable Frequency Drives for both intake and exhaust volume control. Includes Programmable Digital Control Panel. Includes a booth pressure Auto Balance system. Just set the pressure desired in the booth and the air flow desired from the AMU and the booth through the readings on the photohelic and the preset pressure settings will automatically balance the fans to maintain the desired airflow and pressure. Cut energy costs by up to 50% in some cases.

Automatic Pressure Balancing System:

   No more need for constantly adjusting the exhaust fan as the exhaust filters load up with paint. The Automatic Balancing System speeds up the exhaust fan to keep the pressure balanced in the booth and the airflow at a proper speed. Set the pressure desired in the booth and the system through the readings on the photohelic booth cabin pressure sensor will automatically adjust the speed of the exhaust fan to maintain the desired preset pressure.

   The pressure control system is also used for building replacement air applications. It works with the variable airflow system to maintain a user set pressure in your building. If you have multiple operations exhausting air from the building our unit will sense how many are on at any given time and provide the exact airflow to keep the building at the preset pressure.  






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